February 14, 2010

Poll: Yaya's Hair

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Hair Growth

Here are some pictures of my hair growth a month and a day after my big chop (2.2.10).

January 1, 2010

Chopped it!

I did it! I really really did it and I love it! Look at the pics below to share in my experience.

The first chop =)

Finished (back)

Finished (front)


Rockin' it

I will keep you updated on my hair. I dunno when exactly I will be getting sisterlocks but hopefully I'll get them sooner than later. Peaces!

December 24, 2009



I have been going natural since March 13, 2009 and today is December 24, 2009. My original plan was to transition for a full year, meaning that I would have done the big chop on March 13, 2009. Since my hair has grown more than I'd expected and it is becoming harder and harder to blend my natural hair wth my relaxed ends, I want to start off the new year with a fresh new look. I am going to do my big chop myself on New Year's Day!

I have mixed emotions right now... anxious, happy, scared... but I will definitely go through with it. When I first started my transition, I told myself that I won't do the big chop. Like most people, I am attached to longer hair. Now I realize that my hair isn't exactly healthy. Some of the relaxed ends fell off already on the crow of my head ah! It's time for me to get rid of them all!

Here are some pics of the new growth so far.

November 29, 2009

Estelle's hair

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Bantu Knots

Hey peoples. I'm back. I'm back with my new signature hairstyle, bantu knots. I love how curly and shiny my hair is after taking out the knots. I put in the bantu knots the night before and then take them out the next morning, and the greatest part about it is that it's easy to do! All you need are your fingers, black rubber bands, and the hair product(s) you use. I like doing the knots with dry hair because it becomes more curly but doing the knots on wet hair is still nice. Make sure you wrap your head before going to bed.Part your hair in sections and twist each section until you have a knot. Twist each section as if you are making a tiny bun.Take the bantu knots out the next day using your fingers. No combing!
Style it and rock it!

November 3, 2009

Rihanna's best hair poll

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